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Number plate questions

How do I retain my private registration number plate?

How do I transfer my private registration number plate?

How do I sell my number plate?

What is my personalised number plate worth?

How long to sell my personalised number plate?


Buying number plates

> Where to buy car number plates

> Which cherished numbers to buy

> How to transfer private plates

> What DVLA resellers?

> Registering new cars with private plates

> Private number plates & business

> Cherished number plates as investment

>How to buy car registration number plates




Number plates types

> Irish number plates

> Prefix number plates

> New style number plates

> Dateless number plates

> Suffix number plates

> Personalised number plates

> Private number plates

> Acrylic number plates

> Motorbike number plates

> Diplomatic number plates

> I,Q & Z personalised number plates


Selling number plates

> How do I sell  car number plates?

> Can I sell my private number plate?

> What is my private number plate worth?

> Selling a cherished number plate on retention

> Selling a cherished number plate on a vehicle

> car number plates & car theft

> car registration number plates & write-off vehicles

> Private number plate retention scheme

> How to sell personalised number plates



Number plates Misc

> Autonumerology

> Number plate history

> Private number plate club

> Cherished number plate rally

> Noel Woodall

> A1 car registration number plate

> Consecutive number plate spotting

> Number plate books

> Number plate glossary

> Famous private number plates

> How long to sell cherished number plates

>Why sell personalised number plates privately?




Number plate resources

> Number plate web directory

> DVLA local offices

> Personalised number plate alphabet

> Non transferable car number plates

> Number plate spacing

> CNDA Cherished numbers dealer association

> MIRAD Institute of registration agents and dealers

> RMIF Retail motor industry federation

> Car registration number plate issue dates



Number plate documents

> Assignment letter

> INS60 guidance notes


> Reminder letter

> V5C/2 New keeper supplement

> V5C car registration number document.

> V100 registering and licensing your motor vehicle

> V317 reg transfer application

> V750 reg entitlement certificate

> V778 reg retention certificate

> V778/1 reg retention application

> V948 reg certificate of authority





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